Battery for a 2010 13 in mac oro

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battery for a 2010 13 in mac oro

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  • MacBook Pro 13" Unibody Mid Battery Replacement - iFixit Repair Guide
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  • SOLVED: Battery model number MacBook Pro 13 inch - MacBook Pro 13" Unibody Mid - iFixit
  • How to Replace the Battery in the Inch Retina MacBook Pro:
  • Battery Replacement MacBook Pro
  • Everything included for an easy installation. Great value when compared to what Apple is charging for their replacement batteries. Currently unavailable.

    battery for a 2010 13 in mac oro

    I don't usually leave reviews, mav I know how pleased I was about ordering this battery. My macbook pro MacBook Pro 13" A has been seriously lagging for a long time and the battery would last maybe an hour or less. This battery worked great for exactly 3 months to the day I ordered it, I look forward to a long and satisfied life with this battery!

    See All Buying Options. This is a good replacement battery for my MacBook Pro, and much cheaper than getting one from Apple directly.

    battery for a 2010 13 in mac oro

    Battery was easy to install and seems to have good life at least as an initial impression. I ofo comment on the long term use, but will update the review if any problems.

    There was initially an issue with the first one that I received, but the seller was very responsive to correct the issue. No problems with installation" - by JPP.

    MacBook Pro 13" Unibody Mid Battery Replacement - iFixit Repair Guide

    Great product. No problems with installation, exact fit in my MacBook Pro. Great to have a fresh battery. I'm getting at least 6 hrs.

    Of course,'s Ultimate Mac Lookup feature Late /Early 13" Retina MacBook Pro Battery Replacement Video. Late // 13" Retina MacBook Pro Battery Replacement Video. As as the above videos make clear, it is a complicated process and involves working with solvents to dissolve glue to replace the battery in these. NewerTech NuPower 65 Watt-Hour Replacement Battery for all Apple MacBook inch Late Mid Polycarbonate models. 1 Year Limited Warranty. Battery model number MacBook Pro 13 inch It's not tracable through Mac OSX. Do i have to look at my battery for this? Or is there an easy way of telling the model number (I want to order a new one from a 3rd party reseller)? 10/09/ by Ruud van der Salm. Add a comment. .

    Puredick A ln Works perfect" - by BenGraum. I was about to write off my MacBook Pro after the original battery started swelling up.

    Top Selected Products and Reviews

    Battsry called Apple support and was told that my computer is "vintage" and that they cannot replace the battery for me. Step 1 Lower Case. Add a comment.

    Add Comment Cancel. Step 2. One comment. Step 3 Battery. Step 4.

    SOLVED: Battery model number MacBook Pro 13 inch - MacBook Pro 13" Unibody Mid - iFixit

    Step 5. Almost done! To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order. You're Finished! Author with 8 other contributors. Walter GalanReputation 1, Guides authored.

    Thanks so much1.

    How to Replace the Battery in the Inch Retina MacBook Pro:

    Though Apple says this battery should be replaced only by Apple without damage. Is this BS? Worked like a charm:. Awesome tutorial!

    It foe out great for me. If you are purchasing a battery yourself, be sure to buy one that is compatible with your particular MacBook Pro. Batyery sponsor OWC sells one battery replacement kit complete with the needed tools for the Late and Early models and another one for the Late, and models.

    Formally, when the battery no longer holds a sufficient charge it is necessary to provide Apple with the entire notebook to have the battery replaced.

    Battery Replacement MacBook Pro

    lro Those who live near an Apple Store can have the battery replaced the same day with an appointment or opt for service by mail which takes days. Apple has not designed the battery in these systems to be replaced by end users. Although the repair process certainly is not easy, it also is not quite as difficult and wasteful baftery it is for the Inch Retina Display MacBook Pro models. Note that prying the battery is dangerous and is not recommended.

    It is safer to use a solvent to dissolve the glue. For the "Late " and "Early " models, it does not appear that it is necessary to throw away the entire top case, trackpad, and other parts just to replace the battery, either.

    However, the "Late " and "Mid" models are at least somewhat worse, "burying the [trackpad] alive," even if they forgo the "earlier revision's contact board shenanigans" for a more standard connector. Likewise, the "Early " battery still is attached with "gunk" and the central cells are even "tougher to remove than in years gone by.

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    1. Ruud van der Salm. I was wondering; how can I determine the model number of the battery used in the Macbook Pro 13" ? I plan to order a new battery online from a non apple store but for that I need the model number.

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