Do i need a dual processor or single processor mac pro 2010 for photoshop

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do i need a dual processor or single processor mac pro 2010 for photoshop

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  • OWC Confirms Mac Pro Dual Processor Models Can Use 64GB RAM

    With the OWC RAM, I am getting a combination of jagged lines on screen, followed by full system freeze occasional kernel crash reboot message. With the original RAM, no problems so far. Anyone have suggestions on how to isolate? Hi Matthew and sorry to hear of your experience.

    Checked internally here and no reports of this being a common occurrence or even a spike in such. Must just be an isolated incident.

    Mac Pro (Mid ) - Technical Specifications

    Also, try adding modules in increments to try and isolate the suspect module. Will such mixing work 4GB with 1GB modules? What would you suggest? Apple website says that the single processor systems will only support memory running at MHz not Mhz.

    OWC Confirms Mac Pro Single Processor Models Can Use 32GB RAM

    The only exception is 3. That certainly will work.

    do i need a dual processor or single processor mac pro 2010 for photoshop

    phptoshop Note on your dual processor comment…the only 16GB upgrade not offered for all models is the 2GB x 8…because the single processors only have four memory slots whereas the dual processor models have 8 memory slots. The screen grab shows a 4-core 2. Regarding incremental RAM upgrades: 1.

    Step by Step: Mac Pro Processor Upgrade – The Mac Observer

    I oro 2x8Gb modules OWC three days ago and they work perfectly on my mac pro. The modules must have the same serial number?

    Dec 01,  · Memory available to Mac OS X may vary depending on graphics needs. Minimum graphics memory usage is MB. 1GB=1 billion bytes; actual formatted capacity less. inch MacBook Pro testing conducted by Apple in March using preproduction GHz Intel Core 2 Duo-based MacBook Pro units. Battery life depends on configuration and use. OWC has confirmed support of 8GB DIMMs for up to 64GB of memory in the 8-core and core Mac Pro models. Your source for expert tips, special deals, commentary, reviews, and the latest tech news. Recently added to our growing list of machines are the Mac Pro dual processor (8-Core and Core) systems. you do need to remove. OWC Mac Pro upgrade options for models with 8 or 12 Cores (Quad-Core or 6-Core Processors x 2) Custom Designed Box/Package for your Mac Pro Processor/Memory Tray Module *Sets of 6 and 8 can only be installed if you have selected an upgrade option to a Dual-Processor unit **Use of 8GB Modules requires removal of all other 1GB.

    Or there may be problems if I buy 2x8Gb modules now but do not have the same serial number? Both concerns proved to be immaterial in the end, although special consideration had to be paid to ensure that this was the procwssor. I then began to slowly tighten the hex screws that hold the heatsink in place. Because the new CPU was slightly thicker than the old one due to its lid, I wanted to tighten the screws a little at a time until I was sure that the heatsink was tight and secure, but not so tight as to cause damage to the socket.

    The 8-core Mac Pro can run with just a single processor installed, so I quickly put the computer back together to test my installation before attempting to replace the second CPU.

    MacBook Pro (inch, Mid ) - Technical Specifications

    To my relief, the system booted up just fine and System Profiler showed that a single 3. Satisfied, I shut down and dismantled the computer again to install the second CPU, repeating the steps above. I was quite concerned that I had damaged something and began fearing for the worst: a lifetime of listening to a jet engine under my desk those with Mac Pros know just how loud our machines can get when the fans go full speed.

    I shut down and disassembled the system again.

    I decided to try removing and reattaching the second heatsink in hopes that it would solve the issue. Starting with version 2. I let that test run for several hours and thankfully received no errors.

    Turning again to the aforementioned GeekBench, I ran the test three times and averaged my results. Before the upgrades, my GeekBench Score was a respectable By contrast, a top-of-the-line Mid core Mac Pro at 2.

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    1. My primary workstation is a 8-core Mac Pro. When I purchased the machine about two and a half years ago, I knew I wanted eight cores but at the time I could only afford the 2. Back in June, with the impending launch of Final Cut Pro X and the increasing number of other high-performance applications that seemed to be running slower and slower on my Mac Pro, I knew the time had come to perform the upgrade I had planned.

    2. I just bought a hexacore Mac Pro. After receiving the machine and installing the 16 GB the machine runs great, but seems slower than it seems it should it is a 3.

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