Compatible ssd for 2010 apple mac book pro

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compatible ssd for 2010 apple mac book pro

Storage info — details on speed, dimensions, and hard drive and SSD interface specifics — for all G3 and later Macs are organized below by category. Some Macs have a hard drive or SSD fot can be upgraded easily, others have storage that "unofficially" can be upgraded with some effort, and still others have soldered storage that cannot be upgraded at all after initial purchase of the Mac. This section makes differentiation easy. In general, be sure to purchase your hard drive or SSD from a vendor that has tested the storage it sells with your particular type of Mac to ensure full compatibility and ideal performance. Also, be sure always to read the complete specs page for a specific Mac as some compatibility is dependent on OS version, firmware, or other details. Be sure to also see EveryMac. Thank you.
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  • RAM & SSD Upgrades | Apple MacBook Pro |

    Which SSD would you ofr me? I'm looking for one compatible with TRIM because as far as I know that's the best way to go in comaptible to keep the performance of the SSD after some time. I've also checked some performances reviews and it seems there's a big difference between some of them.

    I was checking the models Apple used in its days for the firsts Macbook Pro with SSD, but I believe there are better options now in the market.

    RAM & SSD Upgrades | Apple MacBook Pro (inch, Mid ) |

    Is it relevant that my laptop is cor ? Should I take that into account for something? I believe I shouldn't experiment any problem with this change of hard drive and will improve the laptop performance as well as the hard drive life. Am I wrong?

    What SSD is fuly compatible with mid … - Apple Community

    I'm afraid of the possibility of having problems with it for compatibility issues or any other thing. They're solid, reliable, and fast. Below are some links for your perusal. Buy them on Amazon. Manufacturer Information.

    What would be a good SSD drive for a MacBook Pro mid ? - Ask Different

    Mqc I looked around for info on the most reliable SSDs rather than the fastest. I found people saying they'd successfully used the Intels and well most brands actually.

    compatible ssd for 2010 apple mac book pro

    I also found some vendors saying that at the time the Intel s were seeing less RAs than some other similarly priced brands I was looking at; this may or may not be the case right now, and I was only able to compare a few brands.

    For me, the top-end drive speed difference didn't mean all that much, because primarily I was after the low seek speeds. And unless you're doing some heavy video editing or really disk-heavy work, I'd suggest the performance differences won't be noticed. One final point, if using a data-doubler or similar i.

    SSDs (Solid-State Drives) Designed for the MacBook Pro

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    Mac SSD Upgrade Compatibility Guide:

    Visit: anandtech. Questions regarding non-Apple hardware are not applw on AskDifferent please consult the about page for more details: apple. Note that compafible you don't see the size SSD you're looking for, you can just select more SSDs and the larger sizes will show up. I have the Crucial m4 GB and couldn't be happier with it note that Amazon has some slightly better prices on Crucial drives than on the Crucial website.

    Dec 01,  · Memory available to Mac OS X may vary depending on graphics needs. Minimum graphics memory usage is MB. 1GB=1 billion bytes; actual formatted capacity less. inch MacBook Pro testing conducted by Apple in March using preproduction GHz Intel Core 2 Duo-based MacBook Pro units. Battery life depends on configuration and use. Crucial Memory and SSD upgrades - % Compatibility Guaranteed for Apple MacBook Pro - FREE US Delivery. Jun 11,  · hi i need to buy SSD to upgrade my mac but i dono what kind of SSD i can put inside and what it's the maximum features limits of it coz i want the best SSD. my macbook pro inch, Mid GHz Intel Core 2 Duo. 4 GB MHz DDR3. thx for help!

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    Mac OS X Compatibility Guide by Mac Model

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    MacBook Pro (inch, Mid ) - Technical Specifications

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