Mac pro (mid 2010) for 4k video playback choppy

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mac pro (mid 2010) for 4k video playback choppy

To start the conversation again, simply ask a ;layback question. I have a mid 27" iMac. Shot some footage today in 4K res. Downloaded it and while res is stunning, motion is choppy at times. Used Quicktime for playback. What would be the best approach?

Or directly drag and drop the video to the window.

May 30,  · So I did some 4k recording yesterday and the video playback is very choppy. The computer I downloaded the video file to the HDD is equipped for video editing and we have done several 4k projects prior to this with other cameras with no issues. Nov 04,  · I have a MBP Mid which I was having the same issue with choppy video. I had my drone shooting at 24/25 FPS. When I put it up to 30 FPS it worked and the issue was gone. The Macbook Pro from can handle 4k but it gets choppy at the lower frame rate. What have you been shooting at? Feb 20,  · If you are experiencing lagging, or choppy playback when viewing 4K videos on your Mac, this will usually come down to the computer not being able to process the data of the large 4K video files fast enough. We have a few things for you to try that should 5/5().

Batch video processing is supported. Step 2: Select an output format on the list of Target Format. Click the codec Option (mie next to the video information on the top.

Step 3: Under the Video Codec Options catalog, click the Resolution drop-down icon and select the resolution lower than p from the list. Click the Done button to save the setting and close the window.

4K video is choppy on Mac, how to fix? | Video Transfer

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mac pro (mid 2010) for 4k video playback choppy

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mac pro (mid 2010) for 4k video playback choppy

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3 Ways to Troubleshoot iPhone HEVC Videos Not Playing on macOS Issue

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What hard drive is playing this back? Reply Helpful Thread reply - more options Link to this Post. File size 4.

Mac Pro (Mid ) - Technical Specifications

Down-convert 4K video to p or p for a smooth playback vor your Mac If you insist on playing 4K video on prro Mac that is not powerful enough to handle 4K, downscaling it to a lower resolution video would be a workaround. This requires a third party converter app like Video Converter for Mac. Just give it a try and hope it helps. Share Van. Van leads TechiDaily's coverage of laptops, desktops, Windows tablets, Android devices, iOS devices and some desktop software apps, while also writing about games, videos, gadgets, and other topics.

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